Saturday, 29 March 2008

Is Apple Mac's Cool evaporating?

And so nowadays it's Apple Mac this and Apple Mac that - particularly amongst the hip metrosexual young professional brigade who are all tapping away on their shiny white machines in your nearest Starbucks.

But aren't they trying a bit TOO hard? Yes, they are beautiful and well designed in the same way that an audi TT is but now they are the must-have accessory haven't they become a bit passe?

Surely the new cool is the cheaper, tweakable, geekier PC Laptop, probably manufactured by Asus or Dell, which is chic in the same way a Lancia Delta Integrale is. Don't you get the feeling Mac users are desperate for you to admire how elegant they are?

If your doctor is striding up and down the wards with an Apple Mac under his arm I would be deeply suspicious - it probably shows a lack of moral fibre. If, on the other hand he is working on a stripped down PC running Linux you can bet he means business.

Doctors are encouraged to look at the smallest details in their patients to determine what sort of person they are - however this should really cut both ways. So next time you see your physician, make a note of what type of computer he has tucked under his arm; it could very well be a matter of life and death.


Lemon said...
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Lemon said...

Or is it just that you really want a new apple laptop? ;)

Apologies for the above post - twas mine. I typed it with all the letters one key to the left...

Peng Hui Lee said...

I agree in general with your comments bu there is one killer app for Macs: Osirix, an open-source radiology workstation. There's nothing like it anywhere else, and early interest in porting it to Linux just fizzled out. By the way, I'm posting this from my Linux eeePC, and I don't have a Mac, although I use Osirix at work.